Resort Wear Over 40 – Souvenirs

March 5, 2017

Part of the fun of vacation is shopping for souvenirs, at least it is for me (I think my husband might disagree).  In the past, I’ve brought home my share of clothing and jewelry that I never end up wearing, so I’ve learned the hard way what to buy and what to pass by.

what to wear on vacation over 40

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Resort Wear Over 40 – Exploring & Shopping (& Link Up)

March 2, 2017

Shopping is always one of my favorite activities and that’s true on vacation as well! I love to walk around a new town and explore, keeping an eye out for shops, restaurants, art galleries, and local color. Plus I feel like it helps me burn at least of few of those “vacation diet” calories!  Here’s two of my exploring and shopping outfits from our Puerto Vallarta trip.

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Resort Wear Over 40 – Poolside

March 1, 2017

One question that I hear a lot is how to rock a poolside or beach look over 40. I’m all about the kaftan trend right now!  You can look beachy, cool, and still have some coverage. Of course let me say that I’m all for you wearing whatever you want and feel comfortable in.  In the pool, I wore a bikini and if it scared anyone well … sorry, not sorry!  But for the snack bar, cabana, tiki bar, etc. I was all about this cotton embroidered kaftan.

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Resort Wear Over 40 – Romantic Dinner

February 27, 2017

I’m back from my Puerto Vallarta vacation with resort outfits and packing tips for you, Ladies! The vacation was wonderful and was a much needed break from absolutely everything.  But it also feels great to be home and I’m excited to share my outfits and trip with you, my dear readers!


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The Fierce 50 – Debby of Fashionomics

February 19, 2017

What is The Fierce 50?  Fifty female bloggers over fifty came together to post on the fiftieth  day of the year to celebrate the creativity and adventure of the second half of our lives!

Illustration compliments of @bethbriggsillustration.

As part of The Fierce 50 campaign, each blogger was paired with another blogger to interview.  I was lucky to get matched up with the lovely Debby of the blog Fashionomics!


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