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January 2020

Let’s Talk About Gray Hair!

January 3, 2020

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen me post my new hair color … gray! Or maybe gronde? (Gray + Blonde)  Why I made the change and my thoughts about it so far.


I Needed a Change

In my whole life, I’ve never kept a hair style for more than a couple of years. I just get bored and need something different. Need proof?  Here’s just a few of my hair transformations over the years!

my hair through the ages


I know, I know … so much  … umm … variety!

I was over the moon excited with my icy blonde locks as first, but … I was starting to get that itch for something new. And let’s get real, it’s boring and expensive to spend hours in the salon every four weeks.

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My Dream for 2020! Plus NY Sales!

January 1, 2020

Ladies, I have a dream …

Okay okay, I know I’m not MLK (and ALL the respect to that great man), but here’s my little dream …


My dream is that women of every age, color, shape, and size, wake up looking forward to getting dressed in the morning. Women will open their closets with a feeling of joy.  Everything in that closet fits her, flatters her … her very best colors and silhouettes.  It all works together well and it suits her personality and lifestyle.  She has fun getting dressed in the morning.  She has confidence in putting together an outfit.  She knows what’s up in the world of fashion and she decides for herself what trends to enjoy and which ones to skip.  Her outfits feel comfortable and look fabulous!  Getting dressed every morning is an act of self-love.  And when it’s time to leave she stands in front of her full length mirror and looks herself up and down and says, “Damn girl, you look good!  Go have the best day ever!”  And she does!

That’s the intention I’m holding for all of us in 2020, my dear friends and readers!  Let’s make 2020 the BEST YEAR EVER!  I’m super excited for another year of adventures through style with you!

Fun & Fashion,

Dawn Lucy

PS: A list of sales I’ll be checking out today for sure:

Soma – all kinda of amazing deals!

Chico’s – Semi-Annual Sale, up to 70% off!

Ruti – Semi-Annual Sale!

Nordstrom – Half Yearly Sale!

Nordstrom Rack – extra 25% off clearance!

Moda Operandi –  Designers up to 80% off!

Macy’s – After Xmas Sale!



About the blog: Fashion Should Be Fun is ME talking to YOU, other middle-aged women who are over 40, but not over fashion.  We still want to look beautiful and stylish.  We still want to have fun with trends.  And we don’t need anyone giving us rules, because we’re all different. This is a place for me to share my love of fashion with you, including style ideas, tips, trends, and inspiration. I know how liking the way we look can translate into confidence and energy. I know we have so much life left to live and so much adventure ahead of us. Let’s show the world you’re never too old to have fun and be fierce.