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What to Wear to a Boat Show

May 23, 2024

Last weekend, my husband and I went to a boat show for the first time. It was really fun looking at all the beautiful boats and yachts, imagining possible retirement scenarios.  We had a wonderful time, but I wish I had Googled what to wear.  Here are my suggestions if you ever find yourself heading off to a boat show.


what to wear to a boat show over 50


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The biggest mistake I made was wearing tie up sneakers.  Most yacht owners/sales people will request that you remove your shoes before getting on board.  Next time I will be all about slip-on shoes. Maybe I’ll try those Skechers Hands Free Slip Ins! Honestly, I have not tried them, but I’m thinking they would’ve been the perfect shoe to wear. At the boat show, you will be pulling your shoes off and on all day, and sometimes there won’t be a convenient place to sit or even lean.  Shoes that can be slipped on hands-free will be perfect! I’d also suggest wearing some Wernies no-show socks for an affordable pair that actually stays put.


 The sun reflects off the water and it’s extra important to protect your skin with a sun hat.  A hat with a strap will be handy for when the wind picks up.


A small crossbody bag that leaves your hands free for railings will be perfect.


Dressing in layers is always a good idea too.  Once we got there, it was actually warm enough to leave my cardigan in the car, but often it’s cool on the water in the mornings.

I wore wide-leg jeans and added some stripes to look a bit nautical without going overboard (pun intended) … here’s a classic option.

Have you ever been to a boat show?  Have you been yachting?  I’d love to hear your outfit suggestions!

Fun & Fashion,

Dawn Lucy

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