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Style + Comfort: Mephisto Footwear Review

May 11, 2015

It’s such a happy time in a fashionista’s life when style and comfort combine. 

Comfortable high quality walking shoes never go out of style, but right now they’re so hot and on trend. Oh thank you, fashion gods! My feet are in heaven!

And the very best of the utility footwear brands?  Mephisto!

Started in France in 1965, Mephisto has been a pioneer in the footwear industry ever since. What makes Mephisto so special?  High quality handcrafted shoes with innovative technology makes Mephisto an investment not just in your wardrobe, but also the health of your feet, legs, and back. 

 Their flexible exclusive soft-air midsole reduces the shocks of walking, protecting your feet and joints.  The breathable nature of the midsole enhances air circulation which gives your feet a healthier environment.  Your Mephisto footwear will last you many years and you can even send them in to be refurbished.

I picked out these beautiful Helen Spark sandals in light beige nubuck.  Once you know how wonderful these shoes feel, you’ll definitely want to pick out a color that goes with everything!
Along with everyday wear, I imagine my Mephisto sandals to be the perfect travel shoe.  Totally ideal for walking and exploring, as well as looking great with jeans, pants, shorts, and even skirts.

Mephisto sandals, comfortable shoes
My Siberian Husky, Rox, suggested I try them out on a dog walk.  She’s crafty like that!  
(And yes of course, they’re splendid for dog walks too!)

Think of all you’ve put your feet through … isn’t it time to do something nice for them?!

Dawn Lucy

Disclosure: Mephisto gifted me these beautiful sandals to review. All opinions are my own as always.