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Working Toward a Minimalist Closet

October 26, 2023

One popular minimalist tenet is “one in, one out.”  When you buy something new and bring it into your home, you give away one similar thing.  Buy a new dress, give away one dress.  That way you never increase the amount of things in your house. I’ve always liked that idea.  But since I still have more clothes (and shoes, and jewelry, and books) than I want to have, I’ve decided to try a “one in, two out” system!


minimalist closet

But let’s back track here a minute.  Why go more minimalist? Why reduce?  Eventually my husband and I would like to retire and downsize.  I’d like to have a smaller but harder working wardrobe, full of things that fit and flatter and mix and match together.  Full of pieces that I REALLY LOVE to wear!

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