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100% Pure Review – All Natural Makeup!

April 22, 2020

So I’ve really been all about going more natural lately and I’m absolutely loving 100% Pure Natural Cosmetics! I’ve started wearing all 100% Pure makeup every day and my skin is looking extra good I think! I did a review on a few of my favorite products a month ago (check it out here if you missed it … the Blur Powder is a must-have).

The 100% Pure brand is dedicated to making the healthiest and most natural products on the market.  The products are actually really good for your skin! The colors are all pigments from fruit, vegetables, tea or cocoa.  And the company never ever tests on animals.  It’s a brand you can always feel good about supporting.

100% Pure let me choose a few more things to try out.  Read on to see what I tried and what I think of each product.


100% Pure Cosmetics Review

My look: 100% 100% Pure!

(No filters, no soft focus …)



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