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J’adore Le Going Green!

May 2, 2020

“Hi my name is Dawn Lucy, and I’m a recovered fast fashion addict.”

I admit it. I used to love fast fashion.  Why spend a lot when you can spend a little?  When people would say “oh you’ll have that piece for years” I used to counter with “Oh God, I hope not!”

But things change.  Our awareness shifts over time and we are now realizing the high cost of cheap fashion.  And as a fashion fans, most of us are trying to make some positive changes.  And it’s refreshing! And actually way more fun than I thought it would be. That’s right, I said FUN!  There is a sense of joy that comes with being more selective and thoughtful about our choices.  The more I experience high quality clothing, the more I appreciate the difference.

With all that in mind, I’ve made a change to supporting more eco-friendly businesses, including Mount Indigo, a small company with a mighty mission to help keep our planet beautiful and “instagrammable.”

j'adore Le Going Gree


Mount Indigo makes sending a message about the environment fun, with sassy graphic t-shirts and denim jackets!

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