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Daily Dressing Hacks

September 14, 2023

When I took two months off from blogging and posting on social media, I felt a new freedom in dressing. I didn’t have to think about taking photos of myself or what anyone else thought of my looks.  But honestly, it left me a little lost and bored with my outfits.  So I came up with a few ways to spice up my daily dressing.

The Daily Diary

Ironically, the first thing I did when I was finally free of taking photos was … take photos!  LOL.  But these photos were just for me. And honestly I had no intention of sharing them here on the blog. These were mostly quick snaps, taken running out the door in the morning. Each day, I added the pic to a “Clothing Diary” album on my phone. I will include a screenshot of them for an example, but please don’t judge. They were never meant to be shared!

Now that I have a record of what I’m wearing on a daily basis, I have some helpful  knowledge at my fingertips.  What items get the most wear? When was the last time I wore that piece … last week … last year? What did I wear last time I had lunch with a particular friend, meeting with the department, or dinner with the family? (I don’t want to accidentally wear the same exact thing again, right?) Sometimes I’d put together an outfit for the weekend and then look at the photo later and think oh that’s cute for school too (or vice versa).  And sometimes I look at my quick pic and think, gee, that’s not really working as well as I thought it was (or nicer … hey that looks better than I thought so put that into the rotation more often!)

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Wardrobe Staples – Flattering Black Pants (& Link Up)

March 1, 2018

I’m continuing my wardrobe staples series with another must-have piece, flattering black pants!

wardrobe staples, flattering black pants

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Wardrobe Building Basics – The LBD

January 21, 2018

I’m starting a new series on basics for wardrobe building and how can I not start with the best and most fundamental, the Little Black Dress?  One reason so many of us buy a lot but still look in our closet and claim we have nothing to wear is because we focus on the bright shiny new stuff and forget the basics. At least that’s been my issue in the past, a wardrobe that’s all spice no substance.  Though some women do seem to have the opposite problem and could stand to add a little pizazz!

flattering wrinkle free dresses

Let me start with a cute story.  Many years ago, my father called me one day and said that in the doctor’s waiting room he read in a magazine that every woman needed a Little Black Dress and he wanted to make sure I had one!  Haha …. Daddy!  (Damn, I miss him and my mom so much!)

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