What to Wear for a Winter Road Trip/ RV Trip

March 2, 2023

I love a road trip!  I love just driving (oh, okay … riding and letting the hubby drive) and watching the scenery go by. I love exploring new places, including parks, mountains, beaches, and especially cute little towns!

When our Mexican vacation got canceled, we decided on a last minute RV road trip and without much planning, I put together a winter road trip capsule wardrobe. Here’s what worked, what didn’t, and what I would change for next time.


what to wear for a winter road trip

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The weather in Northern California and Southern Oregon was unusually rainy and snowy for our trip. It was quite an adventure and super fun for us!

Let’s start with what didn’t work.  I wore wide leg jeans one day and after several hours of almost dragging on the ground they were soaked!  I don’t care if long wide leg jeans are in, they are not really winter-weather RV-ing appropriate.

I carried my Rebecca Minkoff crossbody. It survived just fine, but if I had it to do over again, I might have found something rugged and waterproof so I didn’t need to worry about it.

What did work?

Winter proof, super comfy Jambu booties saved me. I wore them with everything! I also wore my slip on Sketcher sneakers for the first day of the ride, but after that they weren’t warm enough.

I wore black stretch pants most of the time. They were comfortable for long hours of driving and they worked with my rain jacket and Jambu boots. I do wish they were a bit longer, because I had a gap between my boots and pants that got pretty icy sometimes! They are old pants and I’m definitely on the hunt for some new ones. I’d love any suggestions, Readers. I want something that looks like pants (not just leggings) and something long enough to reach my ankles.

Having a hooded rain jacket was also a life-saver. Mine is a favorite from Appleseeds, which they no longer have, but I did find three very similar ones, Bernardo, Sam Edelman, and Ralph Lauren.

Layering Tips

When travel bloggers tell you to layer, they never seem to explain HOW to layer. You can’t just throw things on top of each other. Layering in a comfortable and visually pleasing way is like a game of Russian nesting dolls. Each piece has to fit under the other, you know? You can’t just throw a rain jacket over any sweater. If it’s too bulky or has “interesting” sleeves, it’s just not going to work or be comfortable. I’d suggest a simple, thin base layer, then a medium weight cardigan, with a hooded rain jacket over top.  A cozy scarf can also be an extra warm layer.  Bring one that goes with everything.  I wore my leopard wash-and-wear fleece scarf and I stand by my opinion that leopard is indeed a neutral that goes with everything!!

RV capsule wardrobe for winter What to wear for a winter RV trip. what to wear for a winter road trip


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