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November 2014

Oversized Sweater

November 30, 2014
Anybody not loving the chunky oversized sweater trend?  They’re warm, they’re cozy … and they cover up a multitude of holiday eating sins!

I’m wearing this big sweater with stretchy leggings.  So really it pretty much feels like I’m wearing sweats or jammies!  
But I think the faux leather trim on the leggings, the studded clutch, and the boots give a bit of edge to my comfy look.

Outfit details:
Sweater -H&M
Leggings – Celebrity Pink Jeans (TJ Maxx)
Boots – Franco Sarto 
Clutch – Urban Expressions (Nordstrom’s Rack)
Sunnies – Ralph Lauren

Then these cute little rascals stole my attention way from the camera.
So what do you think of this oversized sweater trend?

Dawn Lucy

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Fleetwood Mac Concert

November 26, 2014

Any other Fleetwood Mac fans out there? Along with being meaningful music to me throughout the years, I’ve also been influenced by their 70’s boho fashion, especially Stevie Nicks’ dreamy outfits.  

Other great boho looks for women over 40: Lightweight Red Poncho, Janis Joplin T-shirt,  

… and Summer Style Over 40.

I’ve been so excited to see them in concert!  But life has been so busy that I didn’t have time to shop for a special outfit.  That’s okay … time to shop my closet for a “make it work” moment!

This is what I came up with … a flowly kimono (H&M) with skinny jeans (Gap), knee high black boots (Aerosoles), long silver chain (hand-me-down), and studded clutch (Urban Expressions – Nordstrom Rack).

Doesn’t my guy look great too?
The concert was amazing, of course!  
In their 60’s and 70’s and still totally rocking it, proving once again we can be absolutely fabulous at any and every age!
Happy Thanksgiving, sweet readers!  
Dawn Lucy
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Pure Class – Anjolee Jewelry Review

November 25, 2014
What fashionista doesn’t love sparkly fancy jewelry?  I squealed with joy when I got this beauty in the mail!

So excited to be showing off this to-die-for Anjolee diamond ring.  (Mine is CZs, but yours can be diamonds!)  
One of the largest diamond jewelry manufactures in the U.S, Anjolee is a class act from top to bottom, with exceptional customer service and a stunning selection. Check out their website:

What’s makes Anjolee even more special is that it allows its customers to custom build jewelry to their own taste and budget.  You can choose from seven types of metal, various carat weights, and assorted diamond quality and size.  Browse through their exquisitely designed rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with something fabulous!

Christmas is just around the corner!  Wouldn’t you love your someone special to shop for you at Anjolee this year? Send them the website link and a big hint!  Or even better, for all you do for everyone else, treat yourself to something sparkly this holiday season, Dolls!  You can be assured to high quality products, the best prices, outstanding customer service, and fast and free shipping.

I wore my new gorgeous sparkly Anjolee ring with this understated, classic look. 

Outfit details: Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren, Sweater – Macy’s, Jeans – Gap, Boots – Nine West, Bag – Oryany, Red cup – Starbucks ….
And ring – ANJOLEE!

And I took these adorable mutts for a long afternoon walk in the falling leaves.  
Long walk = happy doggies.  
Sparkly ring = happy Mommy.

Thanks so much to Anjolee for this gorgeous piece of jewelry!  All opinions given here are my own, as always.


Holy Chic, I’m Mad for Plaid

November 16, 2014

I thought I’d give last year’s F21 graphic sweater (original post here) a new twist by adding some buffalo plaid. To be quite honest I’m so mad for plaid right now that I kinda want to add it to everything anyway!

Outfit details:
Sweater – F21
Shirt – So (Kohls)
Jeans – Gap Always Skinny
Sneakers – Candies (Kohls)
Bag – Mia (Mellow World)
Bracelets – J. Crew

I took my French message sweater to a local Italian cafe (Dolcetto Cafe & Market) in our new neighborhood.  Seriously I don’t even know how I’m not going to gain weight with all the delicious and adorable cafes all within walking distance!

I’m sure that icing drenched cinnamon roll was low cal, right?  

So Dolls, are you adding more plaid to your wardrobe? Are you still wearing your French themed graphic sweaters and tees?  


Flounce Skirt

November 15, 2014

We got a few sprinkles in San Jose this week … not many, but we’ll take them … and the weather is finally cooling off enough to bring out the sweaters. Yay!

I decided to style my Altuzarra flounce skirt in a warm and cozy way.
Outfit details:
Skirt – Altuzarra for Target
Boots – Aerosoles
Sweater – Old Navy
Scarf – Target
Bag – Oryany

Loving this skirt. It’s the perfect length and stretchy and comfy too. I could’ve done without the slit, but it really doesn’t show.  Unless of course I pull out my best Angelina impression.
The things I do for the amusement of my readers.

Are you enjoying your fall, Dolls?  Getting ready for Thanksgiving? Hubby and I might try cooking our first ever turkey this year … which will be an adventure.

Dawn Lucy

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Autumn Gingham

November 12, 2014

Silly me … here I was thinking that gingham was strictly for summer. But some bloggers made me rethink that and I felt inspired to incorporate gingham into a fall look! This is what I came up with.

It was a cute and comfy look! Though the hubby said, “hey, that shirt is kinda Jethro hillbilly looking.”

Thanks for the input, Dear.

Outfit details:
Gingham shirt – Merona (Target)
Cardigan – H&M
Jeans – Gap Always Skinny
Riding boots – Nine West American Vintage (DSW)
Handbag – Oryany
Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren
Watch – Movado
Cuff – J. Crew

Here’s a glimpse at the dining room in our new home.  Lots of windows and light! We bought this vintage dining set at an antique store this weekend and I think it’s perfect.  Also you can see our retro street lights in our new hood.

One of the best things about moving to a new neighbor is trying out all the restaurants!  This is a little bakery cafe and florist called Flower Flour … so cute and charming! 

I would like to have a pastry and coffee and sit there and read blogs all day! 

The selfies I tried to take slyly didn’t come out, but I really did wear my gingham outfit here.  Maybe next time I’ll be brave and ask someone to take my pic.

So Dolls, what do you think of gingham for fall?  

Don’t forget to stay connected for more fashion fun!

Miss Mix-A-Lot

November 8, 2014

Have we all gone pattern mixing crazy, Gals?  

Here’s my three pattern mix weekend outfit: buffalo plaid, stripes, and snow leopard!

Outfit details:
Buffalo plaid shirt – So (Kohls)
Striped tee – Merona (Target)
Distressed jeans – Old Navy Flirt
Snow leopard sneakers – Roxy (DSW)
Bag – Mondani
Sunnies – Ralph Lauren (Sunglass Hut)

In a perfect world, I would’ve swept the walkway and moved the foot rest out of the way, but hey Dolls, I’m just proud of myself for posting when we’re still half living out of boxes!

Adore these comfy sneakers.

In LOVE with our 1930’s fireplace and our pretty hardwood floors. Of course let’s see what the floors look like after living with these crazy mutts for awhile!

Thanks for all the super sweet congratulations on my one year blogoversary!  So looking forward of another year of fashion fun with all of you!


One Year Blogoversary!

November 4, 2014

On my one year blogoversary, I really want to thank all my sweet fabulous readers!

When I started this little internet adventure a year ago, I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever read it, except maybe a friend or two.  I just wanted a place to share some style ideas and have fun with fashion.  I’m so thrilled to have so many regular visitors now and so many sweet comments on all my posts!  

Personally, it’s been a difficult year for me.  Soon after I started my blog, I learned that my mother had terminal uterine cancer and we lost her in January.  It was heartbreaking to me and I also felt the loss of my father (2012) all over again. 

 (Mom and Me September 2013)
 Thanks to the support of my wonderful husband and friends, I made it through this hard time.  During all this, my blog has been a place of fun, escape, and joy for me … and I can’t thank you all enough for being part of it.

A few things I’ve learned this year ….

1) Blogging should be fun too!  One of my favorite compliments I get on my blog is that I always look like I’m having so much fun.  Well, I am!  

2) Balance is important.  Sometimes, I just need to step away from the lap top and clean the darn bathroom (or whatever else on my long list of things to do that day) and most importantly spend time with my family.

My husband and I with our dogs, Rox and Lucky.

3) Fashion bloggers are not mean girls.  Not even close!  All the style bloggers that I’ve interacted with are total sweethearts and very supportive of each other. I love that! 

Again, thanks so much, my dear fashion dolls! I’m looking forward to another year of fashion fun with you!

Drowning in moving boxes right now, but can’t wait to post from our new home soon!

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