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July 2020

Boho Summer Vibes

July 31, 2020

Here’s a summer outfit idea with a boho California vibe!

Everlane Air Cami, boho chic over 40

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All the Prints

July 28, 2020

One day I was feeling a little grumpy and uninspired, so I thought I’d try something new and put on ALL the prints!  Haha …okay, not all, but my three favorite: camo, leopard, and snake.  And I’m not to0 mad at how it turned out!  It felt cute and different.  Different is something I think we’re all craving more of these days, right?


leopard, snake and camo


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Plaid Blazer, Snake Accessories

July 23, 2020

  Loving wearing a belt over my plaid blazer to give it a new vibe.

plaid blazer, snake belt and shoes, ankle jeans


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A Little Audrey & a Custom Hat

July 20, 2020

This weekend I watched Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, and I’m sure seeing Audrey prance around it her black cigarette pants and loafers inspired this look!

I’m also showing off my fabulous custom made hat by Bon Clic Bon Genre!


Bon Clic Bon Genre straw hat

classic style for women over 50

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The “Chuck On” Dress

July 18, 2020

What is a chuck on dress?  I keep seeing that description around the internet when I’m shopping!  A chuck on dress, is just what it sounds like: a dress you just “chuck on” … !!   Breezy frocks that are super easy to wear, just add sneakers or sandals.


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Marcia Moran Jewelry

July 14, 2020

Who doesn’t want some new pretty baubles to spice up your look?  These fab pieces are from Marcia Moran, a luxury jewelry brand with bold and unique designs.   Each high quality piece is handcrafted in Brazil and even comes with a 2 year warranty.  With no nickel or lead, each piece is also hypoallergentic.


Marcia Moran Jewelry Review

These jewelry pieces were gifted.

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Snow Leopard Easy Dress

July 9, 2020

I wasn’t even planning to share this little dress on the blog. It was a impulse buy on Amazon and I thought it would be perfect just for hanging out around the house on hot days. But this easy dress is actually so cute, I thought I’d share after all!


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More Fun Summer Accessories

July 7, 2020

A simple black maxi dress is a summer wardrobe staple. Just add accessories to change the vibe and your outfit will pop!  Here I went for a fun summery tropical vibe, because  I’m still pretending I’m on vacay, Folks!

Fun Summer Accessories for 2020


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