Shirt Tied Around Waist Trend

October 8, 2019

Have you been noticing a lot of shirts tied around waists lately?  Some dresses, skirts, and pants even have a built in “shirt”around the waist!  If you’re not sure about this trend, let me take a minute to try to convince you to try it!

shirt tied around waist trend



Here I went with a bit of a 90’s grunge rocker look, but you can create many looks with this trend.  By the way, I’ve been looking all over for a gray/black/red plaid flannel shirt.  Can you believe this one from the men’s department at Target?!  Hey, you never know where you going to find what you’ve been looking for!

Why the try-a-shirt-around-your-waist might worth trying:

#1 What a convenient place to carry an extra layer!  Tis the layering season!

#2 A shirt around the waist can cover love handles!  Seriously!  You know those muffin tops that spill over the tops of your pants and jeans? I mean, come on, we’re middle-aged and I would guess 90% of us have that issue!  A well-placed shirt tied around your waist can cleverly disguise that fact!

#3 It can cover your butt!  If you want your rear end covered up for any reason, here’s a way to do it!  Maybe it’s not your best feature and you just prefer to cover it up. Maybe you are wearing leggings and would like a bit more coverage and modesty. Maybe you have panty lines, but can’t find comfortable no-show panties.  Haha … IDK!  But you can cover it and call it fashion!  If the sides of your shirt even wrap around your hips a bit, that can be slimming on a pear shape!

Okay, have I convinced you?  You don’t need to buy anything new.  Just try it as a style and if you do, tag me on social media!


combat boot trend over 40

casual cool fall outfit for women over 40

Thanks to Cathy of Bay Area Fashionista for snapping these photos for me!

Want a little more fall fashion inspiration? How about … fringe and combat boots?

Or tummy control black pants?

Wear everywhere taupe booties?!


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