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July 2022

Aqua Dresses – Dressing Room Diaries

July 28, 2022

Here is my latest attempt at dressing room diaries!  Bloomingdale’s has their own brand called Aqua. Have you heard of it? I was looking for some pretty dresses that looked fresh, good for the summer-to-fall transition, and were high quality, but not too pricey. These Aqua dresses fit the bill!

In this first photo, I’m wearing an Abstract Print Dress. It looked like a blue leopard print to me. What do you think?

Warning: the photos throughout this post are not very good and certainly not flattering.  But hopefully you can look past that to see some very pretty dresses! Also, I forgot to bring heels, so the sale clerk lent me these which were frankly not too pretty, and definitely WAY too big. Still, I have to admit, they looked much better with the dresses than the Clarks Cloud Steppers that I wore to the mall that day!

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Ally Shoes – Conquer in Comfort

July 20, 2022

Ready to take on the world?  You can stand in your power … in totally fabulous heels … because Ally Shoes designs pain-free premium leather dress shoes handcrafted to fit you PERFECTLY!

Ally Shoes Review

handmade comfortable heels

This post is a collaboration with Ally Shoes. All opinions are all my own as always!



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My Fav Comfy & Cool Sneakers – Jambu’s Jenny Knit

July 14, 2022

I LOVE Jambu’s new Jenny Knit sneakers so much that I had to have them in black as well as white!  I seriously wore the white ones all over Vancouver on my vacation and they were so darn comfortable!  I think these cute black ones with white trim will get even more wear.


This post is a collaboration with Jambu Footwear, a brand my readers know I support and wear all the time.


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

July 9, 2022

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open today for all Nordstrom card holders!  It will be open to everyone on July 15th!  Yes, I usually like to do dressing room photos for the blog, but since I just got back from vacation, I’m not going to get to that this time around. But here are a few of my favorites from the sale!



Also please note: for some reason a few of the prices when you hover are wrong and I can’t seem to fix them. If you love something, be sure to click on it and get the actual price!

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Vancouver & Secret Cove – What I Wore

July 8, 2022

Just got back from a very fun vacation! First we went to Vancouver, Canada and explored the beautiful city. We loved all the cool architecture (from classic to modern) and the huge mountains on the horzion! Lots to do in Vancouver: we checked out the lovely harbor to watch the boats, Stanley Park for a bit of nature, Robson Street for shopping, and Gastown for some history.

Here is one of my favorite travel outfits that I wore to explore Granville Island, a cute place for restaurants, shops, and a pretty harbor.

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This is what I wore for a day of sightseeing in the city. I don’t usually think of wearing skirts when I travel, but a flowy skirt with sneakers, a tee and a denim jacket is actually a totally practical and comfy look for a day of exploring!

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A few snaps from Vancouver!

After our “interesting” trip to Eleuthra Bahamas last summer, we were so grateful to just enjoy a wonderful vacation, with a nice balance of activity and rest and a nice balance of city and nature!

Where are you off to this summer? What will you be wearing? Let us know in the comments!

Also on the blog lately, comfortable sandals and a summer kimono with statement earrings.

Fun & Fashion,

Dawn Lucy

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