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April 2020

Blazer with Baggy Sweatpants

April 29, 2020

So I tried the hoodie with a blazer look and now it was time to pair some baggy sweatpants with a blazer for a bit of a street style look.  What do you think?

sweatpants with blazer

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Chambray Shirt, Floral Midi, Snake Booties

April 28, 2020

Dressing up for … nothing at all.  But some days it really lifts my spirits and that’s hey, that’s not nothing!

outfit ideas for spring for women over 50


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Quarantine & Chill

April 26, 2020

Well, it’s been six weeks that we’ve been on shelter-in-place in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Life sure is weird, right?


quarantine and chill

This stay-at-home look:


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100% Pure Review – All Natural Makeup!

April 22, 2020

So I’ve really been all about going more natural lately and I’m absolutely loving 100% Pure Natural Cosmetics! I’ve started wearing all 100% Pure makeup every day and my skin is looking extra good I think! I did a review on a few of my favorite products a month ago (check it out here if you missed it … the Blur Powder is a must-have).

The 100% Pure brand is dedicated to making the healthiest and most natural products on the market.  The products are actually really good for your skin! The colors are all pigments from fruit, vegetables, tea or cocoa.  And the company never ever tests on animals.  It’s a brand you can always feel good about supporting.

100% Pure let me choose a few more things to try out.  Read on to see what I tried and what I think of each product.


100% Pure Cosmetics Review

My look: 100% 100% Pure!

(No filters, no soft focus …)



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Welcome to the Jungle

April 19, 2020

Does it feel a bit like a jungle out there these days?  People out “hunting” for food … and then heading right back to their caves to survive another day?


Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but I felt inspired to put on my camo and my jungle tee, and head out to the urban jungle for a few snaps this weekend.

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R13 Mechanic Shirt

April 15, 2020

The economy is in trouble, but the sales ARE hot.  I know some of my readers have lost jobs and are in no mood to shop right now. And I get that.  But if you do have a little money for a treat, this might be just the time that you’ll find a splurge for less.

R13 shirt, Madewell jeans

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Blazer with Hoodie

April 12, 2020

So  … did I really get this dressed up to go on a car coffee date with the hubby this weekend? I did indeed!  I think I just felt like dressing cute.  And I’ve been wanting to try the hoodie with a blazer trend.  I couldn’t imagine it being very comfortable, but actually, if the hoodie fits well and the blazer is a bit roomy, it IS comfortable … and warm too.

hoodie with blazer look

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Comfortable, Washable Shoes – Bzees

April 7, 2020

When the warm weather hits, I always have one favorite pair of sandals … usually something easy to slip on, super comfortable, and sure to go with anything. I think this season my go-to pair will be my Bzees!

Bzees Washable Sandals review

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