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July 2018

Wardrobe Staples – The Summer Midi/Maxi Skirt

July 29, 2018

So Ladies, I was thinking about what summer wardrobe items that I couldn’t live without and I thought of these two gauze maxi skirts that I’ve had for years, one black and one white. I knew I got a lot of wear out of both of them, but when I started going back through photos, I was even more amazed how often I wear them!

Topshop kimono wrap blouse, Chicos earrings

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Throw a Kimono Over it!

July 25, 2018

Want to instantly add a bit of trendy cool to your look? Throw a kimono over it!

kimono trend over 40


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Perfect Little Summer 3/4 Sleeve Tee + Link Up

July 19, 2018

My mom used to live in tops like this in the summer.  Cotton knit, 3/4 sleeve, floral or stripes … And I totally get it.  They’re so versatile, comfortable, and flattering.

I miss my mom so much. And yeah, that lady was right about so many things!

floral knit top

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Nordstrom Sale – What I Bought!

July 17, 2018

Do I look pretty pleased with myself in this shot?  Well, I am! I’m SUPER happy with all my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases!  Read on to see what I bought …

my Nordstrom Anniversary sale haul

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Soma Enbliss Bras – Blissful!

July 15, 2018

A bra so comfortable that I would sleep in it?!

Soma Intimates new wireless Enbliss bras are so comfortable that I would gladly sleep in one.  Truly!

comfortable bra

 This post is a collaboration with Soma. All thoughts and opinions are totally mine own, as always!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies 2018!

July 13, 2018

The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Diary!  

Ladies, I spent a very busy day at Nordstrom trying on as much as I could so I could give my readers the real scoop on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offerings, including the ever important sizing advice!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies

As usual, my fashion road dog, Bay Area Fashionista, was along for the fun too!

Want to skip ahead and see exactly what I bought for myself? Go here: MY Nordstrom Sale Purchases!

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