Everlane Rigid Slouch Jeans & Leather Loafers

October 24, 2021

This simple outfit is giving me all the 90s vibes!  I spent most of the 90s in mom jeans, turtlenecks, loafers, hoop earrings, and red lipstick!

Rigid Slouch Jeans from Everlane  

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Everlane sent me these Rigid Slouch Jeans to try out, and even though I recently said I wouldn’t wear any jeans without stretch, these I’m really kind of loving.  I wanted the darker rinse, but they were out of my size (29).  This medium rinse is actually really cool and I love the way they fit.  They’re way more flattering than I thought they would be!  Order your normal size, no need to size up to get the slouch effect. 

Of course the black leather loafers are classics that are so in right now. I would totally recommend this high quality and comfy pair.

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Dawn Lucy

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  • Reply Pamela Taylor January 26, 2024 at 5:25 am

    Just received Everlane Rigid Slouch in 2 styles. No wonder on sale. Terrible jeans. Bad fit and button holes DEAL KILLER. Spend 10 minutes attempting to fasten buttons. Will think three times before purchasing Everlane again.

    • Reply Dawn Lucy January 29, 2024 at 9:49 am

      Oh no! I love mine! So sorry they didn’t work for you. Do you like softer denim? I really like the Kut from the Kloth for stretchy denim.

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