Seasonless Print Blouse

June 4, 2019

So, this pretty print blouse was a purchase I made to go with a new skirt that I bought. Not only did they not look quite right together (that happens, right?) but the skirt actually didn’t fit too well either and went back to the store. So … I thought about sending the blouse back, but … why? It’s so pretty and versatile! It’s pretty now for spring, and it will be nice for inside with A/C in the summer, and then just right for fall too. I liked it so much that I was looking forward to sharing the link with you and unfortunately it’s already sold out. That’s happening a lot this time of year with all the sales going on!

seasonless print blouse

I’ve been calling this my hummingbird blouse. Seriously, I think I need to study my birds or get my eyes checked, because now that I look at the print again in the photo, I really don’t think they look anything like hummingbirds!? Okay, bird watchers, what kind of bird is on this print?! Leave me a comment!

Styling this blouse made me think about how much I appreciate more seasonless clothing. Now, I do realize that might mean something different to a California girl than in other places! But isn’t it so nice to have pieces that work for several seasons at least, if not all of them?

I’ve been seeing a lot of floral blouses with higher necklines and ruffles at the shoulder and elbow. It’s a pretty look, I think. This particular blouse was a Yoox find. Do you ever shop Yoox? It’s not a go-to for me like Nordstrom, Macys, and Chico’s, but it is a fun place to browse to find some different pieces!

spring outfit for women over 50
stand transparent bag

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ICYMI, be sure to check out my post with tips for styling a retro piece of clothing, as well as this perfect spring/summer top. And coming soon … Hot Weather Dressing Tips for Women Over 40!

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Dawn Lucy

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  • Reply Deborah June 4, 2019 at 6:33 am

    It is pretty! I’d buy one. I believe it’s a Great Blue Heron on the print.

    • Reply Dawn Lucy June 4, 2019 at 9:11 am

      Oh wow, thanks! I never would’ve thought of that!


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