What HAVEN’T You Worn Yet This Winter?

February 2, 2023

Today’s outfit definitely won’t be for everyone, but the style advice behind it will be. Ladies, what HAVEN’T you worn yet this winter?

Winter is still here, but starting to wind down. What winter favorites have you forgotten about so far? I challenge you to find those things in the corners of the closet and let them out to play!

faux fur patchwork coat

Shop this Look:

This Crazy Coat

 This coat was especially made for me by the designer Bianca Zidik.  It will always hold a special place in my heart because wearing it got me into Getty Images and a “Must-See NYFW Looks” article!

The weather is California has been especially cold this winter. What better way to keep warm than to pull out this special piece?

Style Advice

We’ve had enough winter now that most of your winter wardrobe pieces should’ve been out for a spin, right?  But so often we wear the same things over and over and forget some of the things in the corners of our closets. Have you worn all of your favorite winter pieces this season?  It’s a good time to look and see what hasn’t been out to play yet and use those things to give your usual winter uniform some new life!

But if you’re looking at a winter piece that just doesn’t fit right or you just aren’t feeling anymore, let this be the nudge you need to let it go to a new home.

Butterfly Jewelry

I accented my look with these new butterfly pieces from Kendra Scott (gifted).  The butterfly ring and necklace are so oversized and blingy that I felt it just echoed the fun of the coat!  But they would also be a great way to spice up some simple spring outfits.

I kept everything else simple with wide-leg jeans, a navy V-neck sweater, and white Jambu sneakers.

Kendra Scott Butterfly Ring butterfly necklace from Kendra Scott wide leg jeans, white sneakers, faux fur coat

If you feel inspired to wear something that you haven’t in awhile, please feel free to let us know in comments!

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Fun & Fashion,

Dawn Lucy

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