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April 2021

Return of the Bodysuit

April 12, 2021

Remember the 90’s bodysuit, Ladies? Well, it’s baaaack!  I had mixed feeling about that, but I tried this one from Everlane and was surprised how comfortable and flattering it was!

Everlane Long Sleeve Ballet Bodysuit Review


Shop the Look:

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My Gray Hair Transition!

April 7, 2021

Well Friends, it’s been a 16 month journey, with some awkward stages along the way, but it’s finally done.  I’m fully transitioned to my natural color, which seems to be an ash brown with lots of gray streaks.  And I’m loving it!


gray hair transition



blunt bob gray haircut

The color really looks different in different lighting. These two photos were taken the same day,  the top photo is in bright shade and one right underneath it is with direct sunlight coming in the car window.


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Jambu’s Eva – Built for Adventure

April 5, 2021

My husband is not a planner. He’s all about the last minute adventure and I’ve come to absolutely love that about him. But it also means that whenever we leave the house I need to bring a “just in case” bag and I’m always looking for the perfect multi-purpose items to take along.  The most important item of all?  I need a shoe that is ready for ANYTHING!  And now thanks to Jambu, I have my perfect adventure shoes!

This post is a collaboration with Jambu Footwear, a brand I adore!


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Everlane’s The Easy Jean

April 1, 2021

My mom was right.  Again!  I used to make fun of her for wearing jeans with an elastic waist, but Ladies, look at me now!  And let me tell you, not only is it comfortable (duh!) but it’s also actually in right now (thank the fashion gods!)!!!



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