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April 2021

Clean Beauty Review for Spring

April 29, 2021

It’s time to add a few more clean beauty items to my repertoire!  This time around I tried an eye treatment and cleanser made by 100% Pure Beauty.


And sending out a HUGE thanks to 100% Pure for the products AND for a discount code worth 25% to my readers!!  Use code DAWN25 by May 2nd! It’s a great time to stock up or if you’ve never tried this brand, do yourself a favor and give it a try!


A reminder why I love this brand in their own words …

“100% PURE™ isn’t just our name. Or just our ingredient list. 100% PURE™ is a commitment to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone on why being 100% PURE™ is so important. We strive to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to our global community.”

                                                                                     ~from the 100% Pure website

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Everlane Swim

April 27, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I can go along time between bathing suit shopping!  It’s not my favorite experience and I don’t wear one very often.   I think the last time I bought swimwear was for our Hawaii trip … hmmm 8 years ago?!  So … anyway, let’s just say I was WAY overdue for a brand new swimsuit!  Everlane unveiling their new eco-friendly swim collection was just the motivation I needed to take the plunge (pun intended)!

Everlane Swim Review

Shop the Look:


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Black and White for Spring

April 22, 2021

I always love a white and black look for spring!  This look is all from pieces you’ve already seen, but I liked it and these cool pants just went on sale, so I thought I’d share!



Shop the Look:



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Style Tips – New Ways to Wear Sweats

April 21, 2021

I’ve been thinking of some fun new types of posts to do and I’ve decided to try a monthly feature of sharing up-to-the minute styling tips! This time around I’m sharing trendy ways to style your sweats. I figured that after a year of pandemic dressing, you probably have a few joggers in your closet and could use some fun new ways to style them for going out and about in the world.

Idea #1 -Wear with a Trench Coat

One fresh way to style your sweats is with a cool trench. You can pair a hoodie with your trench. You can also pull together an outfit with a trench coat and a pair of sweatpants (wide or jogger style)!

Idea # 2 – Wear with a Blazer

I love a good blazer and you’ve probably seen me style my sweatpants with blazers on the blog before. This is a trend I can really get behind … the structure of a blazer with the expanding waistband of sweatpants! And look how chic it looks!

My look with Everlane organic sweatpants and oversized blazer.

Idea #3 – Wear with Loafers

Loafers with joggers is new to me, but I really like it. It adds a classic and sophisticated twist to your sweat pants and helps you look more put together. Any cool loafers will do, but I’m a particular fan of Everlane’s Modern Loafer.

Idea # 4 – Wear with Sneakers … and Socks … that Show!

Okay, wearing sweats with sneakers isn’t a new idea. But it HAS been awhile before we’ve seen socks showing, right? Right now it’s perfectly fine (and rather cool) to show off those socks! I, for one, am thrilled. Is there anything more frustrating than no show socks?

I’m fairly sure that you’ve been adding sweats and joggers to your wardrobe all pandemic long, but just in case you’d like more, here are my favs:

Is there any particular trend or item you’d like styling ideas for? Just let me know!

Also on the blog lately: my natural hair transition, the return of the 90’s bodysuit, and some jeans that are as comfortable as sweatpants!

Fun & Fashion,

Dawn Lucy

About the blog: Fashion Should Be Fun is ME talking to YOU, other middle-aged women who are over 40, but not over fashion.  We still want to look beautiful and stylish.  We still want to have fun with trends.  And we don’t need anyone giving us rules, because we’re all different. This is a place for me to share my love of fashion with you, including style ideas, tips, trends, and inspiration. I know how liking the way we look can translate into confidence and energy. I know we have so much life left to live and so much adventure ahead of us. Let’s show the world you’re never too old to have fun and look fierce!

Return of the Bodysuit

April 12, 2021

Remember the 90’s bodysuit, Ladies? Well, it’s baaaack!  I had mixed feeling about that, but I tried this one from Everlane and was surprised how comfortable and flattering it was!

Everlane Long Sleeve Ballet Bodysuit Review


Shop the Look:

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My Gray Hair Transition!

April 7, 2021

Well Friends, it’s been a 16 month journey, with some awkward stages along the way, but it’s finally done.  I’m fully transitioned to my natural color, which seems to be an ash brown with lots of gray streaks.  And I’m loving it!


gray hair transition



blunt bob gray haircut

The color really looks different in different lighting. These two photos were taken the same day,  the top photo is in bright shade and one right underneath it is with direct sunlight coming in the car window.


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Jambu’s Eva – Built for Adventure

April 5, 2021

My husband is not a planner. He’s all about the last minute adventure and I’ve come to absolutely love that about him. But it also means that whenever we leave the house I need to bring a “just in case” bag and I’m always looking for the perfect multi-purpose items to take along.  The most important item of all?  I need a shoe that is ready for ANYTHING!  And now thanks to Jambu, I have my perfect adventure shoes!

This post is a collaboration with Jambu Footwear, a brand I adore!


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Everlane’s The Easy Jean

April 1, 2021

My mom was right.  Again!  I used to make fun of her for wearing jeans with an elastic waist, but Ladies, look at me now!  And let me tell you, not only is it comfortable (duh!) but it’s also actually in right now (thank the fashion gods!)!!!



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