Pleated Pants Trend

September 5, 2022

Do you ever attempt to recreate outfits you’ve seen on social media? I love to do this and I even love the posts where bloggers show you their outfit inspiration.  I would do that, but I’m always worried about copyright infringement.

This outfit is my attempt to recreate a few looks that I’ve been seeing on Instagram and Tik Tok recently. I was pretty happy with the way that it came out, but it’s not perfect.

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The look is oversized pleated pants with a plain white tank, an oversize white button up shirt, and then platform or dad sneakers.  I’ve seen it work really well with hair pulled back and layering gold chains.

I just used pieces that I already have in my closet, plus buying a $3 pair of men’s pants at the thrift store.  If the pants were longer and gave that puddle look around the ankles, I would especially love them. But hey, for $3 I think they look pretty good.


Wow, looking at these photos now, I see that I really should’ve ironed these pants first!  I swear they didn’t look this wrinkled when I left the house! Oh well … it’s the lived in look!?

I think this outfit formula is a pretty good one for a transitional outfit.  It doesn’t look summery, but it’s still comfortable for warmer weather.

Do you ever attempt to recreate looks from social media? I’d love to hear your stories!

Also on the blog lately, the transitional kimono and fall floral skirt that I can’t get enough of!

Stay posted for a review of my dreamy new Strathberry bucket tote  … coming soon!

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