What to Pack for a Cruise to Alaska!

June 29, 2023

Hubby and I just returned from a trip of a lifetime, a Holland America cruise to Alaska.  Alaska is simply GORGEOUS, so be prepared to fall in love!  (Unless of course you hate cold weather, then maybe it’s not for you!)

However, packing for a cruise to Alaska is not like packing for anything else, so here’s some packing tips for you!

What to Pack to a Cruise to Alaska!


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Exploring Ports

Even though the cruise ship is lovely, the very best part of the trip is exploring gorgeous Alaska! If you go in the summertime, the weather can range anywhere from low 40’s to high 70’s, so layering is a must!

First and most importantly, you need to have warm and comfortable boots. I ended up wearing these exact boots just about every single day and they were perfect!

You also need stretch pants or comfortable stretch jeans, a long sleeve tee or lightweight sweater, a rain-friendly jacket with a hood and/or a warm puffer, and a piece to layer between the long sleeve tee and the jacket (I used a zip up hoodie or a plaid flannel shirt).  I added scarves for interest and pattern.

What to Pack to a Cruise to Alaska!

exploring Sitka

What to Pack to a Cruise to Alaska!

fish tacos in Juneau Alaska

Holland America cruise to Alaska

Glacier Day

I had heard that the day you cruise the glaciers would be the coldest day, but we actually had a lot of sunshine and low 50’s temperatures, about the same as the rest of the days.  The hubby bought me these pretty fair isle ski sweater and just with a tee underneath, it was perfect for glacier watching (can’t find this exact one, but this one is pretty).  But warning, you NEED a hat, with a wide brim and a lanyard to protect your skin from the sun shining off the snow and the water.  We spent almost three hours out on deck that day, so it would’ve been easy to get a sunburn.  I took off the hat for pics, but here’s the exact one I wore, which worked out just perfectly.

Hubbard Glacier

Dress Up Night

Most cruises have a couple of dress up nights.  We participated one night for dinner in the dining room. I wore this Caroline Vazzana dress that I’ve had for years (here’s a pretty one). I think my husband looks very handsome in his sweater, but the attendant requested he change into a collared shirt for dress night. So silly! But just giving you a head’s up if you’re helping your man pack as well!

There were lots of evening activities on the ship that we didn’t participate in.  We’re early to bed, early to rise folks, and never made it to any of the bands or shows.  If you like the nightlife, you might want to pack more party clothes, but one nice outfit was perfect for us.

What to Pack to a Cruise to Alaska!


At Sea

At sea days were windy and cool, but not very cold.  Here I tried to go a bit nautical with some stripes, star earrings, and a sweater tied over my shoulders.  Wide-leg jeans and comfy sneakers completed the look.

What to wear for a day at sea on your cruise to Alaska


Travel Days

The first day and the last day of any trip is all about comfort for me.  I wore Soma joggers with a matching long hoodie, slip on Sketchers, and a plain white tee.  It will take awhile for your luggage to get to your cabin, so be prepared to wear your travel outfit for several hours once you’re on the boat.  Everyone is casual the day, though, and pretty much anything goes.

I also carried my durable Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag all through the trip.  Hubby carried a backpack also for days we went exploring.

What to wear on travel day for your cruise to Alaska


So, those are my packing tips for a cruise to Alaska!  It was an amazing trip and I would highly recommend it!

Planning a different type of trip this summer?  I did a collaboration with many other bloggers for LOTS of packing inspiration!


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