Fall Floral, Comfortable Heels, Statement Bag

August 1, 2022

It’s that time of year.  Yes, it’s still summer, but many of us are thinking ahead to fall wardrobes!  This is especially true for teachers who are heading back to school soon.  Yes, we *could* wear summery things that first month, but … then … does it even feel like back to school?  Here’s an outfit that I’ll be putting in rotation very soon!

Fall Floral dress, Ally Block Heels


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I’m wearing my comfortable and luxurious new Ally Block Heels (ICYMI, here’s my full review) and carrying my Strathberry tote that I’m just in love with.

Style Tip: If you want to look rich on a budget, spend your dollars on shoes and bags in neutral colors that you can wear with everything!

This pretty dress is a thrift store find! When I was younger and poorer, I shopped thrift stores all the time.  Nowadays, I like to keep my hand in the game by going on a scouting trip now and again.  Plus remember that donating, selling and/or shopping thrift stores will help the environment by keeping clothing out of landfills.  This pretty dress is Ann Taylor and it was brand new with tags! I’m always surprised at thrift store finds with with tags.  But I get it because I’ve thrown a few brand new things into a thrift bag before when I was too lazy to do a return.  By the way, Ann Taylor is having a great sale right now on their summer dresses and I also linked a few of the newest choices into Shop the Look above.


fall floral dress, Strathberry tote


back to school outfit idea for teachers fall 2022

A fall floral dress can be a great transitional piece.  Wear it now with bare legs and heels (or sandals) and then wear with tights and boots when the weather turns colder.

Are you thinking about fall at all yet?  Or is it just us crazy school teachers? Let me know in comments!

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Stay fun & fashionable, Dear Readers!

Dawn Lucy

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  • Reply Ruth-Anne August 6, 2022 at 1:04 pm

    Dawn, such a beautiful dress! I love the pattern and dramatic sleeves. Just found your site, excited to see more!
    Happy day!

    • Reply Dawn Lucy August 11, 2022 at 7:23 am

      Oh thanks you so much, Ruth-Anne! So happy to have you here!! 😁

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