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May 21, 2020

There’s something wonderful about wearing your “comfy pants” and still looking pulled together!  That’s the beauty of my NIC + ZOE Tech Stretch pieces.

NIC+ZOE Tech Stretch review

 Shop this look: (Newsflash: these NICE+ZOE pieces are now 60% off!)

I was gifted these pieces from NIC+ZOE in January.  I’m always a fan of comfortable, but I had no idea then that WFH (Work From Home) comfort was going to be so important in the months to come!  Stretchy and wrinkle-free, these pants have been getting a lot of wear.   Somehow they also make me feel a bit more “dressed” than some other comfy options.  I do wish I had sized down in the tank. This is a small and it’s pretty big on me.  The pants are medium and fit perfectly.  Super important bonus: NIC+ZOE tech stretch is eoc-friendly and made to last!

Oh bonus BONUS … I just checked and these pieces are on MAJOR SALE!  (Scoop them up before they run out of sizes!)

simple style for women over 50

NIC+ZOE Tech Stretch review

This would be a chic little around-the-house Memorial Day weekend outfit, right? Are you ready for the holiday weekend,Friends?  What will you be doing?  The weather report is looking good so we’re planning BBQing in the backyard and lots of walks, just the hubby, the doggies, and me of course.  It will be a simple and relaxing holiday this time around for sure.

ICYMI: an easy double denim look, the perfect black utility jumpsuit, my tomboy look, and a discussion about oversized dresses.


Stay safe & healthy … & have some fun too,

Dawn Lucy

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