Comfort Dressing … with an Edge

April 5, 2020

Gotta be comfortable right now for sheltering at home, but that’s no reason not to add a little edge to my look.  Here’s my weekend look for: playing with the dogs, watching movies, and a little car coffee date!

casual cool outfit for staying home

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I usually think of these harem pants as a summer option, but I thought they looked fun with a cool sweatshirt and some funky white boots. And of course this look is comfy enough to be pajamas!  The boots were added for our big weekend outing: taking some coffee to go and driving around the neighborhood a bit.  Hey, I even got to see a store … from a distance!

You might notice a little pink tint at the very end of my hair. I had some colors to experiment with and on a whim I decided to try a bit.  I didn’t use much and I didn’t leave it on very long, but it was fun to add a little something different to my look.  Ladies, this is a good time to experiment with hair, makeup, and even outfit choices!  Why not?!


what to wear on a coffee car date


edgy and comfortable clothing


Wearing something I feel good in, putting on my makeup, adding a little color to my hair … all these little things help keep my spirits up!  I’m doing pretty well with the shelter in place. I know a lot of my social butterfly friends are suffering much more than I am.  There ARE so many things I miss, of course.  But I also worry about being forced back out there too soon. Could this lockdown be making me agoraphobic?!  Nah, I just think I want to be super careful and know it’s safe before I venture out.  And let’s face it, no one knows when that will be.

How are you doing, Dolls?  How are your spirits? What are you wearing every day? I always love to hear from you in the comments!

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Current Outfit Criteria

Stay safe & well,

Dawn Lucy



About the blog: Fashion Should Be Fun is ME talking to YOU, other middle-aged women who are over 40, but not over fashion.  We still want to look beautiful and stylish.  We still want to have fun with trends.  And we don’t need anyone giving us rules, because we’re all different. This is a place for me to share my love of fashion with you, including style ideas, tips, trends, and inspiration. I know how liking the way we look can translate into confidence and energy. I know we have so much life left to live and so much adventure ahead of us. Let’s show the world you’re never too old to have fun and be fierce!

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