Pretty Summer Dress & My Birthday

June 24, 2019

Last Saturday my husband took me to Carmel-by-the-Sea for the day to celebrate my 53rd birthday!  Have you been there?  It’s one of my favorite places, and only about an hour and half drive for us. We had a fabulous time exploring all the art galleries and shops, having brunch on the patio, walking on the beach, and looking at all the cute cottages. 

I always love to have something new to wear for my birthday, and this year I picked out this Band of Gypsies dress on the Nordstrom website and I just love it!  Got so many compliments on it too!

floral maxi dress

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Ten Tips for Loving Yourself Through the Aging Process!

June 22, 2019

To celebrate my 53rd birthday, I wanted to do a post about positive aging and loving ourselves.  I’m no mental health expert (ha ha … I know, stop laughing) but I AM a middle-aged woman who used to worry about getting older and who now truly looks forward to each year and the whole fabulous journey we’re all on. Here are my personal tips to loving ourselves through the aging process.

tips for self love in midlife   

(Bonus Tip: Take supportive friends along for the ride!)


My Tips for Loving Yourself Through the Aging Process

1. Remember there’s no one standard of beauty.  Wrinkles can be beautiful.  If dimples on a cheek are cute, why not on a thigh? Things change.  Body parts shift.  Skin get crepey.  And that’s okay.

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Easy Way to Update your Summer Outfit: Neon Tees

June 20, 2019

Need an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to add a little pop to your summer outfits? How about a neon t-shirt? 

add a trend over 40


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Soma’s Lightest Lift Bra

June 19, 2019

I love to wear a bra that gives a little oomph! But the problem is, it’s hard to find a bra to give just a little subtle lift. And as a midlife women, I feel silly with my girls pushed up to giddy heights! Soma to the rescue with their Lightest Lift Bra Collection …. just a bit of padding, and a light lift for a flattering, natural, and comfortable fit!

Soma's Lightest Lift Bra review



This post is a collaboration with Soma Intimates, a brand my readers already know I love and support.

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Fashion Show at Santana Row

June 13, 2019

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the Summer Fashion Show at Santana Row! It was such a fun day and it was great to see chic and wearable outfits on the runway! If you’re in the Bay Area, I’m sure you’ve been to Santana Row. It’s the hot spot for dining and fashion in San Jose.

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Lightweight Red Poncho

June 11, 2019

Definitely one of my favorite things about summer is getting time to hang with my girls! Last week I got to have lunch with Cathy of Bay Area Fashionista at Flights in Campbell. Cute atmosphere, good food, and fabulous company!

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Summer Style for Women Over 40

June 6, 2019

It’s that time of year again and I keep hearing … “suns out, bums out” …. “suns out, guns out” … ! Oh dear … what if you’re less than excited about showing off your legs and arms than … whoever made up those silly sayings?! Me to the rescue with my summer style guide …. especially for women over 40, over 50, and beyond, who want to look stylish AND stay cool, want to look chic AND be a bit covered up!

how to dress in hot weather for women over 50

How Much Skin to Show?

How much skin to show is totally a personal question that no one can answer for you but yourself. I’m more comfortable and confident being a bit more covered up. In the old days, there were so many rules about fashion and age, but now anything goes really. I had a dear friend who wore halter tops and shorts into her late 60’s! Even though it’s not a choice I would make, it fit her personality and she felt happy and cute. That’s all that matters. You do you!

Read on for summer style tips … including my go-to summer pieces!

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Seasonless Print Blouse

June 4, 2019

So, this pretty print blouse was a purchase I made to go with a new skirt that I bought. Not only did they not look quite right together (that happens, right?) but the skirt actually didn’t fit too well either and went back to the store. So … I thought about sending the blouse back, but … why? It’s so pretty and versatile! It’s pretty now for spring, and it will be nice for inside with A/C in the summer, and then just right for fall too. I liked it so much that I was looking forward to sharing the link with you and unfortunately it’s already sold out. That’s happening a lot this time of year with all the sales going on!

seasonless print blouse
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