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Daily Dressing Hacks

September 14, 2023

When I took two months off from blogging and posting on social media, I felt a new freedom in dressing. I didn’t have to think about taking photos of myself or what anyone else thought of my looks.  But honestly, it left me a little lost and bored with my outfits.  So I came up with a few ways to spice up my daily dressing.

The Daily Diary

Ironically, the first thing I did when I was finally free of taking photos was … take photos!  LOL.  But these photos were just for me. And honestly I had no intention of sharing them here on the blog. These were mostly quick snaps, taken running out the door in the morning. Each day, I added the pic to a “Clothing Diary” album on my phone. I will include a screenshot of them for an example, but please don’t judge. They were never meant to be shared!

Now that I have a record of what I’m wearing on a daily basis, I have some helpful  knowledge at my fingertips.  What items get the most wear? When was the last time I wore that piece … last week … last year? What did I wear last time I had lunch with a particular friend, meeting with the department, or dinner with the family? (I don’t want to accidentally wear the same exact thing again, right?) Sometimes I’d put together an outfit for the weekend and then look at the photo later and think oh that’s cute for school too (or vice versa).  And sometimes I look at my quick pic and think, gee, that’s not really working as well as I thought it was (or nicer … hey that looks better than I thought so put that into the rotation more often!)

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What I Learned from 2 Months Off

September 8, 2023

Hi Dear Readers and Friends!

I’m back after a much-needed social media and blogging break!


I learned some things from taking two months off!  First of all, I’m dedicated to making blogging a nice, relaxing hobby again. Fashion should be fun, but so should blogging about it! I’m ALL about enjoying fashion, blogging, and most importantly LIFE! And though I’ve always been choosy about my collaborations, I’m going to take a complete break from them for right now. I don’t want to be on anyone else’s schedule. I’m just going to write and share what I feel like, when I feel like it!

Second of all, I switched from dressing for photos to just dressing for me!  It was interesting to see what choices I made with that difference. In the process, I feel like I faced some typical issues that we all face getting dressed every day and I came up with some fun and useful ideas to help myself.   Originally these ideas were totally just for me, but now I’m thinking that you all  might enjoy hearing about them too eventually, in a separate post.

Taking a break from all social media for a full month was a cool experiment too. The first interesting thing about it is that I would find myself holding my phone with Instagram on the screen without even realizing what I was doing.  It was so strange.  But after about a week, that went away, and it was nice to just let the virtual world turn without me for awhile.  It was very relaxing to go somewhere and NOT think of taking pictures!  If I did take photos, they were just for me, and so they were spontaneous, silly, and oftentimes downright unflattering! If you’ve never gone on a social media “fast” and the idea sounds interesting, you might want to try it. I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would, but I missed it enough to come back, albeit with a more detached and balanced approach.

I’ve always loved fashion and clothing, and my original idea with the blog was to let go of any rules and just have fun with fashion.   I’m definitely back to those roots, though with a little twist. As time goes by, a more minimal approach is more appealing to me. I find myself turning away from over-consumerism and making less and more careful purchases. One beautiful gift of age is caring less and less what anyone thinks of you, making choices that just suit you, including what you buy and what you wear!

As I blog with complete freedom from schedules or metrics, I hope you’ll stop by and join me on this continuing journey through fashion and aging!

Fun & Fashion,

Dawn Lucy


Wilt Clothing

July 5, 2023

I just discovered Wilt Clothing and it’s all the things I love … comfortable, cool, and unique!

Wilt clothing review


This post is a collaboration with Wilt. All opinions are all my own.

About Wilt

Wilt was created in 2008 by Roxanne Heptner, a designer who was classically trained in pattern-making and draping.  Wilt clothing is designed and created in Los Angeles.  With the unexpected details and the garment-dyed coloration process, each item has a unique and cool lived-in look.  If you haven’t tried Wilt yet, you’ll definitely want to check it out!

My Outfit

I’m wearing Wilt’s hemp and cotton, pull on crop patched pants with matching sweatshirt in Indie, along with the long sleeve shrunken boyfriend top in Black.

Every piece is well-made, comfortable, and effortlessly cool.

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What to Pack for a Cruise to Alaska!

June 29, 2023

Hubby and I just returned from a trip of a lifetime, a Holland America cruise to Alaska.  Alaska is simply GORGEOUS, so be prepared to fall in love!  (Unless of course you hate cold weather, then maybe it’s not for you!)

However, packing for a cruise to Alaska is not like packing for anything else, so here’s some packing tips for you!

What to Pack to a Cruise to Alaska!


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Happy Birthday to Me!

June 22, 2023

Today I’m 57!  What a trip! The years fly by, don’t they?  And I’ve had my burdens, but mostly I’ve had an amazing journey so far! And I’m truly looking forward to what comes next!

summer style for women over 50


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Summer Third Piece – Duster Kimono

June 15, 2023

Have you heard of the “third piece”?  That’s what stylists call a blazer, jacket, cardigan, or kimono that goes with a basic top and bottom. In the summer, I’m often wearing a tee or tank and jeans around the house, and when I go out, I like to put on something a bit nicer. Throwing on a third piece, like a cute kimono, can be an easy and comfortable way to upgrade a look.

casual outfit for women over 50

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Gingham Dress

June 13, 2023

Sometimes on a hot day, I like to wear a simple “nap dress” around the house, and then throw on a few accessories when it’s time to go out and about.

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