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Broken Toe Style?

May 21, 2014
We all have our fashion challenges … figure and age considerations, budget limitations, etc.  

And sometimes the fashion gods decide to throw a new curveball, like a broken toe!

Four to six weeks with this ugly medical shoe for me…

Not the end of the world, but definitely the end of heels for a month or so!

For sure, I have to keep my feet equal heights.  My gait is already embarrassingly lopsided, though getting a bit better every day.

I planned to find the perfect navy flat or sandal to coordinate with the hideous medical shoe, but so far, no such luck.  So, I’m living in navy flip flops and after several weeks, I don’t think I’ll ever want to see them again!

I’m not even sure that matching the boot makes any sense, but it feels so odd to have one shoe making a statement all by itself!  

One day I did try to rock some cropped pants with a cute left shoe, but I just didn’t think it worked …

What a mess!

I gave up and went for bootcut jeans and sneakers instead!

I think I just feel happier with the emphasis away from my feet!

I sure appreciate heels more than ever.  I never thought about how great it is to just put on a pair of heels and have an outfit become more figure flattering.  Not to mention that little touch of attitude in your walk! I won’t take that for granted again. 

So Dolls, put on your bitch clicks and enjoy!  Do it for me so I can live vicariously!  Hopefully I’ll be clicking along with you before I know it.

Dawn Lucy

PS If you’re wondering where the rest of my hair went, click here!

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