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April 2019

Work Chic – Flattering Crops

April 4, 2019

I had Monday off work this week, but I dressed up for breakfast with the Bay Area Fashionista, and thought this outfit would make a great work look too!

Secret Stretch Cropped Pants
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Wardrobe Building Part 3 & 4 – Identity & Lifestyle

April 1, 2019

Who do you think you are?  What message are you sending to the world? To yourself?

In parts 3 & 4 of my Wardrobe Building series, we talk about how your wardrobe both supports and creates your identity and lifestyle.

If you’re new to the series, you might want to catch up by reading Part 1 & 2, Silhouette and Color.


What you wear sends a signal to the world about who you are. I don’t think that’s overstated at all. And most importantly, we tell ourselves who we think we are by the way we look and dress. What message do want to convey to the world? And what message do you want to be sending yourself everyday?

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